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Nursery and Beginners - Ages 2 to Kindergarten

Two different classes. Our goal is to teach about God in a small group setting through Bible stories and Bible related crafts. Snacks are provided

Children - 1st through 5th Grades

Two different classes. Our goal is to teach each child the fundamentals of the Bible with practical life lessons. At these ages, we begin to instill the necessity of Christ as Lord and the Leader of their lives.

Youth - 6th through 12th Grades

Our goal is to generate a personal in-depth walk with Christ. We teach foundational Scriptural truths and how to practically use them in life as well as defend them with peers.

College & Career

Our goal is to focus on expanding doctrinal knowledge and biblical principles while encouraging and connecting with one another.

Cross Walkers - Ages 20 - 50

This adult group utilizes facilitated discussion to further understand biblical truths and family living while uplifting one another.

Seekers - Ages 40 - 50

This adult class is for people looking to challenge one another with lively discussion. We utilize both lecture and open discussion while encouraging ongoing discipleship.

Fellowship - Ages 50 to 60

Teaching biblical insights through facilitated open discussion concerning practical life experiences in order to encourage and support one another.

Servant's Heart - Ages 60 to 70

Lecture and open discussion using traditional literature to compassionately support one another and various missional needs.

Senior Adult - Ages 70+

This adult class, comprised of the churches senior saints, further expands their biblical knowledge in order to better disciple the next generation.